Gronk Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski leaves behind an illustrious career in the NFL. Four Super Bowl championships, four All-Pro selections — the list goes on and on.

Despite what he could do on the gridiron, he was aptly known for who he was off of it. A fun, approachable guy who liked to have fun. Perhaps too much.

His former New England Patriots teammate, Jake Bequette, told a funny tale of how Gronk was.

Bequette said the team had key fobs that would allow them access to the Patriots facility in Foxborough, Mass., 24/7.

“During the offseason, Gronk would go out all night with his boys in Boston, you know, stay up ‘til three, four in the morning, whatever it was, and have his crew drop him off at the Patriots facility,” Bequette said on an episode of Prime Time with Alex Stein.

“He would like stagger into the Patriots locker room, key fob in, and go pass out on the training tables in the Patriots training room,” he added.

It didn’t take long for anyone to see Gronk there. And even with a late night/early morning, you couldn’t tell with the way he would compete just hours later.

“So then like an hour or two later when the trainers would come in to start their workday, they’d come in there and see Gronk just sprawled out on the training table, just fast asleep.” Bequette continued.

“They would go over there, they wouldn’t wake him up, they would roll up one of his sleeves, and you know stick an IV in his arm, and like after a couple hours he would just wake up like Frankenstein, revived, and go out there and just kick ass.”

After 11 years in the league, Gronk has many memories to reflect on. It doesn’t appear he’ll make any new ones, at least of the playing variety. He recently said his decision to retire was the right one. 


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