Russell Wilson Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

When the Denver Broncos decided to bench starting quarterback Russell Wilson late in the 2023 NFL season, it was widely assumed that his time with the team was over. Wilson does not want that to be the case.

During a recent interview with former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall for his I Am Athlete podcast, Russell Wilson made it very clear that he would like to remain with the Denver Broncos.

“I got more fire than ever, honestly,” Wilson said according to Pro Football Talk. “Especially over the past two years of what I’ve gone through. Whether it’s in Denver or somewhere else. I hope it’s in Denver. You know, I hope I get to finish there. I committed there. I wanted to be there. I want to be there.”

Though he would obviously like to remain in Denver, Wilson understands that the decision is not exactly in his hands.

“I would put Denver one because I’m there right now,” Wilson said. “You know, I think you have to have the ability to compartmentalize. I think you have the ability to compartmentalize that, ‘Listen, it’s a business.’ Got to be also nonemotional about it too, at the same time. You also have to know that there’s ebbs and flows to it, you know? Winning heals all wounds. To me, it’s really focusing about being the best version of me, being prepared, and no matter what, you control what you can control. So, my mindset right now, where I am is where I am and I’d love to be there, you know? Love to win. That’s what I came there to do is win more Super Bowls.”

We’ll have to see what ultimately happens, but Wilson has made it known what he desires in this situation.

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