Saints lineman Shy Tuttle sure wasn’t shy in showing off his skills with a one handed interception on Matt Ryan. And then to make things even more impressive, he launches a colossal stiff arm to Ryan to pick up a few more yards.

The way Tuttle was able to seamlessly reach up, grab the ball, and slam it back down into his body for the catch was scary. Wide receivers can’t even do that when they’re that close to the pass. Tuttle really reacted perfectly.

Now I have to admit, when the flag was thrown, I thought it was going to be on the stiff arm in some sort of an incorrect “roughing the passer” call. I was so impressed with the stiff arm, I didn’t really see the (correct) illegal block in the back. Either way, the pick and the stiff arm was legal and that’s going to be one for the highlight reel for the big men on the line.

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