Sean McVay Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams may not have been able to secure a playoff victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday night, but that doesn’t mean head coach Sean McVay isn’t proud of what the team was able to accomplish despite falling short of a postseason victory.

During his postgame press conference following the 24-23 loss to the Lions on Sunday night, Sean McVay expressed how proud he was in this Los Angeles Rams team, saying that the squad “helped me find my way again.”

“I’m so proud of this football team,” McVay said according to Pro Football Talk. “And the finality of it is still kind of — it doesn’t totally resonate. But man did I learn a lot and really appreciate this group. They helped me find my way again and how much I love this and love the people that I’m around. It’s certainly always about people. These players, these coaches.”

McVay has already confirmed that he will return to the team next season despite some retirement rumors that have followed him over the past few years, and he said after this strong season with low expectations, “there’s a lot of things that we can build on” heading into next season.

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