The year is 2062. Blue Ivy Carter is president, with North West as VP. Football has become a niche support, scorned by polite society, and the NFL distantly trails MLS in the television ratings. The Mexico City Raiders trail the London Bridges by a single point in Super Bowl XCVI, with only seconds remaining in the game. The Raiders—led by Trent Manning, Peyton’s grandson—advance into London territory and call timeout. They need a field goal to win. The kicker trots onto the field and… OH MY GOD IS THAT SEBASTIAN JANIKOWSKI???

Janikowski, who has kicked for the Raiders since 2000, agreed Thursday (we’re back in 2017 now) to take a pay cut and remain with Oakland for at least one more season. He is 39 years young.

Back in 2000, the Raiders were laughingstocks for drafting Janikowski in the first round, No. 17 overall. But 17 years and 414 field goals later, the kicker is the longest tenured player in franchise history and a contributor on yet another generation of Oakland teams.

Janikowski’s tenure in Oakland nearly ended this week amid concerns over his health. He missed the Raiders’ final two exhibition games with what is reported to be a back injury. Thankfully, team and player found a deal that was suitable to everyone, allowing Janikowski to stick with the only team he has played for.

So how long can Janikowski play for the Raiders? Via ESPN:

Janikowski said during mandatory minicamp in June that he wanted to kick for the Raiders when they move to Las Vegas in 2020.

And when asked how long he wanted to kick for the Raiders, he said, “Until they kick me out.”

Maybe after he kicks the game-winner in 2062, Janikowski will be ready to call it quits. Or hey, maybe not.


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