Jay Cutler made his return tonight from cracked ribs after missing just one game for the Dolphins. That one game was illustrative of the kind of difference Cutler can make, as backup Matt Moore played one of the worst games in NFL history en route to a 40-0 loss to the Ravens on Thursday Night Football.

Now he’s back, and he’s playing well early on Sunday Night Football, starting the game 11-11 and a touchdown.

That touchdown was this quick pass to running back Damien Williams, and though it was going to be at least a small gain, the Raiders managed to turn what should have been a tackle short of the goal line into a touchdown by not wrapping up:

Another look:

Unfortunately, Dolphins kicker Cody Parkey proceeded to doink the PAT:

Fortunately, Parkey proceeded to execute a perfect one-man onside kick:

Unfortunately, the Dolphins fumbled a few plays later.

But hey, Jay Cutler, still playing well!

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