The Super Bowl is normally a game that features the highest number of bets on one single event. People don’t just bet on the game, they partake in a slew of gambling and bet on a number of other things surrounding the game.

This year’s game is no different. The side gambling bets for this year’s game are just as strange as it has been in previous years.

One thing gamblers can bet on, as always, will be how long the National Anthem will be sung for.

Last year, one sportsbook had singer Mickey Guyton at 95 seconds but it ended up being 112.

This year, the National Anathem will be sung by country singer Chris Stapleton who is expected to go over Guyton’s record from last year. He is expected to hit the 124-second mark. Another bet is what color hat Stapleton will be wearing.

The odds on favorite is that he will be wearing a beige hat but if you want to go against the odds, you can bet on another color.

Additionally, gamblers can bet on Rihanna‘s song set during halftime and who may guest star with her on stage.

Right now the highest odds go to Jay-Z, followed by Calvin Harris. You can also bet on Rihanna’s hair color and style as well.

As you can see, the most intriguing bets won’t be on the game, but on activities that don’t concern the action on the field? That may be where you could make some money.

May the odds (or over/under totals) be with you!

{New York Post Sports}

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