Lovie Smith

The Houston Texans are wrapping up a train wreck of a season Sunday. Now it’s time for the cleanup.

Fox Sports NFL analyst Jay Glazer, reporting on possible coaching changes Sunday, mentioned that regarding Texans coach Lovie Smith and general manager Nick Caserio, “either one or both will be gone after this year.”

It’s unusual to pull the plug on a coach after one season, but Smith has gone from a lukewarm seat to a hot seat in recent weeks as the Texans‘ struggles have continued.

It’s likewise surprising that Caserio might be shown the exit after only two seasons. The 47-year-old GM showed his skills while serving 13 seasons as the director of player personnel for the New England Patriots.

NFL fans and Texans faithful disagreed on the report. Some think it’s a bad idea to give up on Caserio and Smith so soon, while others poked fun at the news.

Vance Lawrence tweeted, “Would be a HORRIBLE decision to let Caserio go. A GM will need 3 years of good drafts to rebuild the Texans. He’s only had one year so far.”

“If they fire them, who would want either of those jobs?” tweeted Alex Lanser.

“The next Ex-General Manager and Ex-Head Coach,” replied Kent Lee Platte.

“Plenty of candidates with all the draft capital and cap space they have,” Kyle Lindemann tweeted.

“Maybe Jay Glazer should become the Texans GM, that way he can show us how a “real” GM turns around a team in two years,” tweeted one fan.

Will Estes tweeted, “Firing Caserio makes zero sense. His only real mistake up to this point is taking Stingley over Sauce. Not great sure, but a far cry from the type of moves BOB was making. His other draft choices have been strong, he deserves more time.”

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