Malik Willis capped off a scoring drive with a fantastic touchdown run

While he had to wait longer than expected, Liberty quarterback Malik Willis was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. In his first preseason game, Willis gave the Titans and their fans a preview of what might lie ahead.

With Willis in at quarterback early in the second quarter, the Titans faced a second-and-goal from the eight yard line. The play was a designed run and while it didn’t go to plan, Tennessee got the desired result.

Willis took the snap from the shotgun and ran to his right. There, he met a wall of Baltimore Ravens defenders. But rather than run into the defense or throw the ball away, Willis changed directions, going to his left. It wasn’t exactly clear sailing, as Willis still had to avoid three would-be tacklers. But he did all of that and fell into the end zone for a touchdown.

The touchdown run got the attention of the NFL world.

It was a good overall drive for Willis. In addition to his touchdown run, he completed both passes that he attempted for 30 yards.

And it didn’t stop there. On Tennessee’s next offensive possession, Willis was showing off his throwing arm.

One good postseason game doesn’t make an NFL quarterback. But seeing a quarterback with Willis’ skill making plays like that has to be exciting for the Titans and anyone cheering for them.


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