Tom Brady sliced his right thumb with a pair of scissors Thursday, according to CSNNE.

After not playing in the New England Patriots’ preseason opener, Brady was slated to start against the Chicago Bears. But Brady didn’t take the field, and was seen in regular clothes, letting those know that something was wrong.


Apparently, Brady was trying to pry something from the bottom of his cleat prior to taking the field and sustained the cut.

It’s not known whether the cut required stitches or how long the wound will put him on the sidelines. It is standard practice for the Patriots to let players who are not playing in preseason games to leave the stadium. 

It’s unfortunate for the Patriots, but at the very least, Brady will have plenty of time to deal with it since his four-game suspension from the NFL stands.

Hopefully for Brady the cut wasn’t too bad, and it’s just a very precautionary thing.


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