Tom Brady has seemingly been playing football forever, and has accomplished more than pretty much any other quarterback.

So when Brady does something that qualifies as a personal best, it’s almost certainly noteworthy. He did that today in Tampa, as he engineered the biggest comeback of his career against the Chargers.

Of course, part of Tampa’s 17-point deficit was directly attributable to Brady himself, as he threw a first-half pick-six. And while there were some echoes of his poor start during his Tampa debut, Brady quickly shut down that particular narrative. (Likely disappointing to many neutral fans.)

Here are the second half touchdowns that brought Tampa back to the lead:

In the end, Tampa held on to win 38-31. Brady finished with five touchdowns, the one interception, and 369 (3nice) passing yards. Brady’s Bucs are now 3-1, ahead of what is probably a pretty winnable Thursday Night Football showdown against the Chicago Bears.

It’s a remarkable quick change for Tampa to a playoff contender, which is what can happen when you add one of the best quarterbacks of all time while he still has a little bit left in the tank.

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