Beyoncé Beyoncé

On Thursday, Dallas Cowboys star cornerback Trevon Diggs suffered an absolutely brutal injury that will keep him out for the rest of the 2023 season, tearing his ACL in practice. And unfortunately for him, the injury isn’t just costing him the season, it also forced him to miss his birthday celebration at a Beyoncé concert.

As longtime Dallas Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill Jr. shared on social media this week, Trevon Diggs was planning to attend Thursday night’s Beyoncé for his birthday celebration, but can no longer attend after his injury. And he even had a special outfit outfit planned.

“Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs had planned on going to the Beyoncé concert tonight @ATTStadium. He bought a suite to celebrate his birthday. He had a silver outfit prepared to wear. Now he can’t go,” Hill wrote on X, the social media website formerly known as Twitter.

Instead of going to the concert and celebrating his birthday watching one of the most influential stars in music, Diggs spent his Thursday night in the hospital after suffering a devastating injury that ended his season with the Cowboys.

It’s definitely a brutal twist that Diggs was certainly not expecting when he woke up that morning.

[Clarence Hill Jr.]