Urban Meyer’s criteria for struggling teams segment from last year is going viral

Unfortunately for him, it's going viral for all the wrong reasons.
Urban Meyer

Turns out, if head coach Urban Meyer wants to know how to fix what’s wrong with the Jacksonville Jaguars, he should probably take some advice from Fox host Urban Meyer.

Before he became the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Meyer was working for Fox Sports and Big Ten Network as a college football analyst. Meyer was quickly able to parlay his reputation for knowing how to coach championship teams into the role. A particular segment he did in November 2020 solidified his value as a TV voice.

The segment was all about the three criteria every struggling team needs to examine in order to improve. According to Meyer, the problems stem from one of three major concerns. It’s always either trust issues, a dysfunctional environment, or selfishness.

“Every time I’ve had a team struggle, it’s been one of three categories,” said Meyer. “Number one, there’s some trust issue. The players don’t trust the coach. The coach doesn’t trust the players, or awful when the players don’t trust each other.”

At the time, Meyer was applauded for the concept, which was called “pure gold,” a “master class” and “powerful words.” However, given everything that has transpired in recent days around Meyer, the way he’s handled himself as the Jaguars struggle at 0-4, and reports that he’s already lost the respect of the players, the whole segment is taking on a very new meaning for football fans and media folks on Twitter.



Meyer said that struggling teams are usually dealing with one of those issues. However, all signs point to all three of these things as being problems for the Jacksonville Jaguars right now and Meyer finds himself at the center of the storm. If he’s got any chance of making it through the season (assuming he wants to stay), he better start taking his own advice ASAP.

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