We’ve seen a lot of wild athlete injury stories that made people miss games over the years.

Sammy Sosa sneezed and sprained a ligament in his back. Joba Chamberlain suffered an ankle injury after jumping on a trampoline. Pitcher Joel Zumaya hurt his wrist playing too much Guitar Hero. Soccer player Kirk Broadfoot scalded his face when an egg exploded in his face. Who can forget catcher Brent Mayne who suffered back spasms after looking both ways before crossing the street? And what about Lionel Simmons, who developed tendinitis trying to set a high score on Nintendo Game Boy.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was added to the injury report for this weekend’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. A surprise addition to the report, Griffen was listed as “out” with a concussion.

As for how it happened, it had nothing to do with football. In fact, as head coach Mike Zimmer explained to reporters, it had more to do with a pesky deer crossing the road.

Thankfully Griffen was able to avoid further injury or worse. While a concussion is no joke, it could have been a lot worse. It also sounds like good news for the deer, too.

Hopefully, the 33-year-old will be back out there for the Vikings soon. The team looks to avoid dropping to 0-2 this weekend and they could certainly use the veteran out there to help get them back on track. He’s presumably patched things up with Kirk Cousins and Vikings fans would love to see him celebrating touchdowns soon.

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