David Letterman has been growing his beard since he retired from late night TV in 2015. Last night, Letterman went to a place that appreciates a great looking beard, an NHL Stanley Cup Playoff game.

Letterman made a rare public appearance in Washington D.C. to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals continued their rivalry.

In Game 1, Sidney Crosby scored twice in less than a minute to give the Pens a 3-2 victory. And while that was going on, people welcomed Letterman and his awesome beard to the Verizon Center.

Letterman wasn’t wearing anything Caps related but he did cheer “Go Caps” while on the screen and chose to go to Washington instead of Pittsburgh so it’s probably safe to assume he’s a Caps fan.

The Caps enter Game 2 on Saturday down 1-0 to their hated rival. While Letterman may not be able to help them on the ice, at least his beard is better than whatever it is Crosby is trying to grow.

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