hockey fight Credit: AHL/Abbotsford Canucks

An incredible hockey fight broke out Wednesday night that the sports world is still buzzing about.

The Abbotsford Canucks and the Calgary Wranglers squared off on the ice in more ways than one. Alex Gallant and Alex Kannok-Leipert engaged in a fight that

Gallant and Kannok-Leipert tangoed and threw fists at each other wildly. They landed several of their punches to the face and the body. When it seemed like Gallant was getting the better of it, Kannok-Leipert furiously fought back.

After several seconds of fighting, referees restrained the two from each other. The crowd responded with a massive round of applause.

After it hit Twitter, the highlight video garnered attention rapidly. The video, as of now, has over 478,000 views. The tweet itself has been viewed over 750,000 times.

The sports world reacted to the insane hockey fight.

“My goodness. What an amazing scrap!” A fan tweeted.

“The fight. The screaming commentators. The energy. God bless the AHL Pacific Division,” another fan tweeted.

“Hockey fight of the year?” Another fan tweeted. You’d be hard pressed to find one as intense and as great as this.

“NBA gotta implement this,” another user responded.

“BRO, THEY’RE THROWIN,” another user excitedly tweeted.

[Abbotsford Canucks]

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