The NHL issued its first-ever suspension for gambling on Thursday when Ottawa Senators forward Shane Pinto was issued a 41-game gambling suspension.

It is tied for the longest suspension in NHL history, excluding lifetime suspensions. Defenseman Raffi Torres was suspended for 41 games in 2015 for repeated dirty hits throughout his career.

The NFL has had multiple gambling suspensions over the past few years, but this was the first in any of the NBA, MLB, or NHL.

News of the suspension led to plenty of reactions across social media.

One fan was quick to point out the hypocrisy between the NHL having partnerships with multiple gambling companies but suspending Pinto for gambling on a sport the league’s investigation deemed to not be hockey.  “Shane Pinto has been suspended 41 games for activities related to sports wagering. Hopefully he at least used BetWay™, official helmet sponsor of the Ottawa Senators,” the fan posted.

Another fan made a point about how the suspension was longer than previous suspensions for on-ice violence. “Todd Bertuzzi suspension for a sucker punch that ended a career and resulted in criminal charges: 20 games Shane Pinto suspension for sports betting: 41 games,” they posted.

TSN’s Darren Dreger pointed out that Pinto agreed to his suspension, and had he not, it would have been much longer. That’s interesting to note in future NHL gambling suspension cases.

Freelance hockey reporter Graeme Nichols made an important point, as well. Pinto is just 22 and made a mistake. It shouldn’t be held against him forever, instead being a teachable moment.