Of the terrible things that a human being could do, stealing from children has to rank pretty high. That’s what this woman did to a youth hockey league after admitting to stealing $223,327 over the past five years.

Michele Bernier of Katy, TX was the treasurer of the Interscholastic Hockey League and according to KHOU, confessed to what she did after the president discovered irregularities and confronted her.

Bernier claimed she only took the money due to “financial hardship” but I find the financial hardship excuse unbelievable when she took almost a quarter million dollars. I could believe it if she took a couple hundred bucks every once in a while but not when she was embezzling more money than I make in a year. That either means she wasn’t actually hurting financially or is so rich that she treats $100 like we treat $10 and was crying poverty.

It’s unknown what comes next for Bernier and the league. Bernier offered to pay $45k of what she took but the president of the league rejected that. Maybe they’re looking at getting the entire total which might actually put her in financial hardship. It’ll be her fault if so.

[KHOU/Photo: KHOU]

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