Twitter user @soIoucity famously discovered how great the Stanley Cup Playoffs are last week, after he watched Game 7 between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks.

The game was one of the better Game 7s in a while, and he really couldn’t have picked a better first game to watch than that one. He live-tweeted the game, and his tweets immediately went viral, and became a social media sensation.

Tuesday night, he took in his first hockey game:

It’s pretty neat to see his story come full circle, with him finally attending a game at the arena. The Blues have also put on a great showing for his first game in person as well. Five goals in the first two periods for your favorite team is a nice way to take in your first hockey game.

He appears to be a good luck charm for the Blues, and perhaps they might need to make him a regular as long as they keep having success. He certainly seems to be enjoying it.

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