Wayne Gretzky February 8, 2020; Pebble Beach, California, USA; Wayne Gretzky reacts on the second hole during the third round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament at Pebble Beach Golf Links. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Former NHL star Wayne Gretzky remains one of the most iconic athletes in the world after changing the game of hockey. But a recent lawsuit alleges that the NFL legend also changed a man’s life – but not in a positive way, costing him $10 million for a simple lie about a particular brand of chewing gum.

According to TMZ Sports, a man named Steven Sparks is suing Wayne Gretzky for $10 million, claiming that the NHL legend lied about losing weight while using his product, a chewing gum called “OMG gum.”

According to the lawsuit, Sparks created “OMG gum” as a “natural gum used to manage weight” and eventually hired Wayne’s wife, Janet Marie Gretzky, to be a spokesperson for the new product. The problem, however, is that Wayne Gretzky eventually made a claim about that product that proved to be a lie.

The lawsuit claims that Wayne Gretzy lied about the effects of the gum, saying that after he chewed it for roughly a two-month span, it helped him lose 35 pounds.

As a result of Wayne Gretzky’s weight loss claim, Sparks says he reinvested money and services into the company, having no idea the hockey legend’s claims were a lie. However, once Wayne Gretzky eventually admitted his lie, the company plummeted. As a result, Sparks claims he’s now out $10 million.

That’s quite a hefty price to pay for a simple lie about chewing gum.

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