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Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has long been an advocate for cannabis and now owns a cannabis company called “Tyson 2.0.” As a result, he’s now calling out United States President Joe Biden for failing to uphold his campaign promise to release incarcerated marijuana offenders.

In a recent letter to Joe Bide and the White House, Mike Tyson called on the president to offer clemency to all those incarcerated on charges related to marijuana.

“I write in support of granting clemency to marijuana offenders still incarcerated in federal prison and restoring civil rights to those haunted by a federal marijuana conviction,” Tyson said in his letter according to Fox News.

Tyson claims that he has public opinion on his side in this matter and calls for anyone who continues to be incarcerated for on charges related to marijuana to be released.

“Marijuana should not be a crime. Americans today reject marijuana prohibition in public opinion polls and through legalization efforts across the nation. The U.S. government should no longer use marijuana as a reason to lock people up. The first step is to release the remaining people incarcerated federally under America’s war on marijuana and to wipe the slate clean for those convicted of federal marijuana offenses,” Tyson said.

It’s a pretty bold message, and it led to a lot of reactions on social media.

“The war on marijuana is over, Mr. President, as seen in legalization efforts across the nation and in polls showing that most Americans oppose marijuana prohibition. Through a categorical clemency grant, you can declare an end to federal warfare on our own people and mark the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity,” Tyson’s letter ends.

Biden did not immediately respond to the letter.

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