National Anthem Apr 2, 2023; Dallas, TX, USA; A view of the arena is seen during the national anthem prior to the game between the LSU Lady Tigers and the Iowa Hawkeyes during the final round of the Women’s Final Four NCAA tournament at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has put himself and his state in the national spotlight. Landry is upset that the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team was not on the floor during the national anthem the other night when they played the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Landry made such a stank about it, that he is now declaring war on all athletic programs in the state.

According to Piper Hutchinson, who covers education in the state of Louisiana, she reports that Landry wants schools to strip scholarships of student-athletes who do not honor the American flag.

First of all, schools won’t do this, and second, it’s illegal and against their constitutional rights. Landry probably knows this already and just doing this for show, but it may backfire on him.

There are already calls from some fans for the student-athletes in that state to leave, especially if Landry gets his way. As you probably already know, LSU fans aren’t happy and the sports world is adding their two cents to the story.

Landry hasn’t even been in his seat long and some are already calling for his impeachment.

Clearly, Landry is not making any friends with this new declaration and if anyone knows the history of Louisiana politics, he probably needs to watch his back because he may not make it through his first term.

{Piper Hutchinson}

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