Rob Gronkowski Feb 11, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski during the NFL Alumni Legends Party Presented by USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures at Avalon Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The topic of transgender athletes in women’s sports has been an increasingly divisive topic, with many public figures on both sides of the argument. Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski offered his opinion on the matter on Tuesday night.

Many different states and sports leagues have recently made their stance on the matter, and Gronkowski did so as well when he was asked by a reporter from the Daily Caller.

The reporter flat-out asked him whether he believed men should be able to compete in women’s sports. And while Gronkowski didn’t respond to the question by verbally answering, he did very clearly shake his head emphatically.

The question specifically was about men competing in women’s sports. But given all of the talk about men who have made the transition to become female entering women’s sports, it is pretty safe to say that Gronkowski is also against transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

Fans weighed in on Gronkowski’s response to this question with a number of different opinions on the matter.

Gronkowski has always been known to voice his opinion, so it is no surprise that he has a strong take on the matter. But he is far from the only figure that has made their opinion known on this issue.

Former South Carolina Governor and current GOP candidate Nikki Haley recently spoke out against transgender athletes in women’s sports. And the Biden Administration also spoke on the matter when asked, calling it “a complicated issue.”

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