Beyoncé dropped an album without telling anyone. Taylor Swift usually releases an album shortly after a breakup. And there are other ways to release an album in a creative way.

The Lights Out (a band, if you hadn’t guessed) may have topped them all, though, as they just released their new album T.R.I.P. in the most hipster way possible:

A beer can.

The Lights Out is a band that is “a music and light project that takes people on a journey through parallel worlds.” The ticket to those parallel worlds is through a can of Aeronaut T.R.I.P. beer.

The cans have a code on them that give fans access to the album online. It’s a creative way for a band to make headlines and to land a sponsorship deal. The Lights Out and Aeronaut Brewing brewed a special Imperial Session IPA that was crafted to work well with the album, if a beer can really be crafted to work musically.

The band’s official website lists only three shows in Massachusetts in November and December. While those are the only public shows the band has announced at the moment, if the music and the beer live up to the hype of the release method, they might be due f0r some longer tours.


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