Jared Leto isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine following a rather disappointing debut of Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad spoilers appear below. You’ve been warned.

Leto, who appears as Joker in the film, wasn’t too happy about how the film was edited and was critical of how many of his scenes were removed from the final version of the movie. In an interview with IGN, Leto mentions that they did a lot of experimenting on set, but very few – if any – of those scenes made the cut.

“Were there any that didn’t get cut? I’m asking you, were there any that didn’t get cut? There were so many scenes that got cut from the movie, I couldn’t even start. I think that the Joker… we did a lot of experimentation on the set, we explored a lot. There’s so much that we shot that’s not in the film.”

Leto’s Joker disappears halfway through the movie following a helicopter crash and doesn’t pop up again until the last scene. What was he doing that whole time? No one knows, including Leto.

“That’s a good question. I have no idea. I think he probably went and had a drink or something. Stretched – once you get blown up in a helicopter your muscles get a little tight.”

Leto sounds pretty salty, but you can’t blame him. It sounds like the entire production had issues and that translated into a movie which felt more like a collection of parts rather than a cohesive story.

Will his scenes ever see the light of day? Probably, but Leto thinks that won’t happen until he dies.

“If I die anytime soon, it’s probably likely that it’ll surface somewhere. That’s the good news about the death of an actor is all that stuff seems to come out.”

It’s a morbid thought, but he’s not wrong. Whenever an actor or actress passes, clips and unseen clips hit the Internet almost instantly.

In typical Leto fashion, he ended his interview with IGN on a happy note.

As IGN left the room we told Leto we hope he doesn’t die anytime soon, to which he rather darkly responded “We all die.”

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