We all have our share of awkward celebrity encounters. We’re a fan of someone famous and when we’re able to meet them in real life, it sometimes doesn’t go the way we planned.

One such person got to meet Jerry Seinfeld and asked him for a hug while he was conducting an interview on the red carpet of an event. Seinfeld wasn’t down for a hug and tried to politely decline and after the woman left dejected, assumed she was famous but remarked he didn’t know who she was. That person turned out to be singer-songwriter Kesha.

Being a diehard Seinfeld fan and given Jerry’s friendship with Larry David, I’m not exactly shocked he turned down a hug. Seinfeld seems like the kind of person who would turn down a hug from anyone who isn’t a close friend of his so even if he knew who Kesha was, he probably would still turn down a hug. So hopefully Kesha doesn’t take this personally. As we learned from the show, Jerry doesn’t like it when people kiss him hello so a hug probably isn’t a good idea either.

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