I have to admit that this snuck up on me, but Stranger Things is coming back in two weeks! And in anticipation, Netflix released the trailer for season two of the supernatural series.

In order to keep up with the kids in the series growing up in real life, season two is set a year after season one. Near Halloween 1984, Will is back from the upside down and everyone tries to figure out why Will disappeared. From family to friends to doctors, it seems like everyone is struggling to figure things out and have differing views.

Obviously, as it seems in the trailer, the doctors seem to be thinking its all in Will’s head. And we all know that’s not the case because that would make for a rather terrible show. Anyway, everyone wants to find out why as well as worry that this could happen again.

Many things remain in secret. In fact, only episode titles from the first six episodes were released but the final three episodes haven’t been revealed. October 27 can’t come soon enough because we are dying to find out what happens on Stranger Things this season.

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