Bracket Genius is a new ESPN quiz show — hosted by Trey Wingo — that features university academic teams (of three) competing against each other. And on Wednesday’s edition of the program, teams from Gonzaga and Xavier were asked a question:

What was the name of the fictional high school in which the show “Saved by the Bell” was set?

And… blank stares and silence.

Even Wingo can’t believe it:

“Too many people reading The Scarlet Letter, nobody watching Saved by the Bell. Bayside High! Come on!”

As someone that has Rod Belding as their Twitter profile pic… this hurts. This is almost as heartbreaking as when Kelly broke up with Zack to date the creepy older guy Jeff.

I really, really want to mock, but Saved by the Bell was on the air from 1989-1992, so that’s before all of these kids were born. The truth is we’re now in an era where college-aged kids are clueless on Saved by the Bell and other gems from the early 90s. Even Saved by the Bell: The College years was in 1993-1994, 23+ years ago.

I think it’s only fair to now play “Farewell Bayside”:

Fine, we’ll go out on a happier note: “Friends Forever”.

[ESPN 2]

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