You can blame Yoko Ono for breaking up The Beatles, but you can’t blame her for not having a sense of humor… we think.

Ono curated a new exhibit at Iceland’s Reykjavik Art Musem and one of the biggest displays is a real-life reference from The Simpsons, poking fun at her avant-garde lifestyle. In the exhibit is a “single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat,” a reference to her drink order in a classic The Simpsons episode featuring Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner and Chief Wiggum (later Barney) in a Barbershop Quartet that closely resembled The Beatles’ rise to stardom and subsequent breakup due to Barney’s new girlfriend.

The piece was submitted by Ragnar Kjartansson. Speculation suggests it was a prank gone right, but as the AV Club notes, hopefully, Ono was in on the joke and saw the humor in the art. Here’s a description of the submission.

Here’s a description of the submission.

“Yoko Ono: One More Story…” is billed as “a voyage through the notion of art itself, with a strong social and political engagement,” and it more than lives up to that laugh riot of a logline thanks to the contribution of one Ragnar Kjartansson. His piece consists of a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat—something Simpsons fans will recognize as the drink ordered by the Yoko Ono stand-in who drives a conceptual wedge between the members of “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet.”

Ono’s either a good sport or completely oblivious to the submission. Regardless, a Simpsons reference becoming reality is always welcome – even if the art piece is particularly strange.

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