The Netflix series Stranger Things is one of the latest pop culture hits to capitalize on a nostalgia for all things 1980s, and few things are as much a part of the 1980s as music on cassette tapes. Now, fans of Stranger Things and all things cassette and vinyl will have something to add to their collections from the past.

A two-volume soundtrack of Stranger Things will be released on cassette and vinyl later this summer. And judging by the promotional images of the upcoming cassette release, it looks fantastic, including one tape looking like a VHS tape. Love that 1980s nostalgia.

The cover art for the cassette tape package is designed like a VHS box, which is a nice touch.

And check out that vinyl release…

Stranger Things does an excellent job of rekindling our feelings for stuff form the 1980s, at least for those of us who were around in the 1980s. And the idea of releasing the soundtrack on cassette and vinyl is part of a continued trend in the music industry. As we have previously discussed, sales of cassette tapes rose 74% in 2016 and 13.1 million vinyl albums were sold in 2016. Just last month we learned Eminem was set to release The Eminem Show on cassette for the 15th anniversary of the iconic album, and that’s not the first time Eminem has re-released an album on cassette either.

This may not mark the return of cassette as the dominant medium in the age of digital downloads and digital music, but for those who love cassette and vinyl, this is a nice treat.

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