The DC Comics superhero epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just under a month away from hitting theatres, and another clip surfaced last night of the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel facing off.

Ben Affleck, who’s playing Batman in the film, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s post-Oscar special where a new clip from the film was shown.

In the 40-second spot, we’re shown the American Alien basically ragdolling Batman, throwing him through buildings and his own Bat-signal light. Superman warns Batman to stay down, saying “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.” Up against fairly impossible odds, Batman gets tactical and throws a smoke bomb in Superman’s way. When Superman navigates his way through the smoke cloud, Batman changes positions and shoots at a grenade from behind, which Superman catches with relative ease.

The teaser is a perfect capsulation of the tension between the two heroes. Superman doesn’t want to hurt Batman, but Batman believes he’s a threat and doesn’t want to side with an unknown god-like alien.

What also should excite Batman fans is this seems to be a spot-on interpretation of Batman’s use of gadgets and technology. His technological know-how and resourcefulness has been overlooked in past big-screen adaptations, and the hints given so far suggest this version of Batman will closely resemble the tactical detective from the comics.

Affleck and Kimmel also showed a “deleted scene” from the film, in which Kimmel encounters Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne at a party and gets a bit intrusive, much to both heroes’ annoyance.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may draw different reactions with each snippet released, but you can’t deny this latest preview is exciting. You can catch Batman take on Superman March 25.

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