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While the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs took their talents overseas to play in Germany, that didn’t stop the better halves of the Kansas City squad from taking the game in. Especially with their accommodations.

How does Taylor Swift’s New York City apartment sound for a viewing party?

According to TMZ, Chiefs backup quarterback Shane Buechle’s wife, Paige, tight end Blake Bell’s wife, Lindsay, were spotted leaving Swift’s apartment in Tribeca following the 21-14 win.


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TMZ also says Miranda Hogue was at the watch party. Hogue’s husband Summitt, played with Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech.

We’re sure the tight end would have liked for his romantic interest to be in attendance. Not just for the moral support, but perhaps due to the fact that he simply performs better when Swift is there.

Yes, there are numbers to back it up, but Kelce appears to think it’s “pretty much a coincidence.”

108 yards per game vs. 41?

“You know what I think when I, when I mention or everybody knows that she’s at the game, the Vegas… you know what I mean? Like the over/under on my catches kind of goes up and down the spread goes up and down. So you know, I don’t want to mess with any of that stuff. So I’m just going to keep it to myself,” Kelce said recently.

It’s more than likely true that this is a coincidence and sometimes Kelce just has a bad game. It speaks more to who he is as a player overall.

The eight-time Pro Bowl tight end also earned two Super Bowl titles and four All-Pro selections. So when he isn’t on it, it shows.

Swift looks to be heading on tour soon so it doesn’t appear she’ll be in attendance to any of Kelce’s games anytime soon.


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