Late night talk shows are generally pretty uneventful unless they’re singing in a car or playing some sort of game, and are typically only worth watching if you have a particular affinity for a guest on the show. However, sometimes those choreographed conversations can really deliver a genuinely interesting moment.

James Spader’s appearance on The Tonight Show one was of those moments. Spader, who is probably most famous for his role in the NBC show The Blacklist, was friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. when the two were students at the same boarding school. And as Spader reveals in his story, children of former Presidents still get Secret Service protection until they turn 18. This led to the boys often pranking the secret service members who had set up a base at the school to watch over Kennedy. I’ll let Spader tell the story, but he is lucky that one of those times he didn’t get shot.

Spader’s Kennedy stories do not end there. He was previously on the show back in May, and he revealed that one time while he was the guest of the Kennedy’s, he managed to vomit on his dinner plate in front of the former First Lady.


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