Will Ferrell

Is a Will Ferrell comedy in your wheelhouse? Most of America are big fans of the comedy legend, especially in a sporting environment – and in his next role, he’ll be taking on eSports.

That is Legendary Entertainment’s plan for one of his new upcoming projects,. Ferrell, who has been producing more and more recently, is getting back on the silver screen in new, creative ways.

Variety gave a breakdown of the details and what should be expected when the film comes out.

Gary Sanchez and Mosaic will produce based on a script by Michael Kvamme and Jordan Dunn. Patrick Connelly and John Beach of Gravity Squared are co-producing.

Ferrell will star as a member of a professional eSports team. In the film he is an anomaly in a sport where players usually retire in their 20s due to slowing hand-eye coordination. Evil Geniuses and Fnatic, two of the premiere real-life eSports teams in the world, are in discussions to have a presence in the film.

The premise looks promising and nothing is currently hotter than eSports. The online viewership for such competitions compare with even the biggest sports events like the World Series and NBA Finals. Putting a movie out before the zeitgeist focuses in on another fad will be interesting to see.

Will this movie have staying power? Will the demographics interested be excited by such a star putting his stamp on their brand? It is risky proposition but then again, Ferrell has found success playing a NASCAR driver and an anchorman. If anyone can pull it off, it should be him.


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