It took a weekend snow delay at Martinsville Speedway but nothing was going to deny Clint Bowyer from getting back into Victory Lane.

Bowyer lead 215 laps for his first win since 2012. In one of the most popular wins in recent years, everyone was happy to see Bowyer get back to the top spot for the first time in 190 races. And when you haven’t won in nearly six years, you tend to go all out in savoring this victory.

What was probably the most sweetest part of his victory was that this is Bowyer’s first victory with his three-year-old son Cash. Bowyer’s family, including wife Lorra and daughter Presley, were there but it was Cash enjoying every bit of this victory with his father.

Cash was a little too young for the nighttime festivities so after celebrating with his family, Clint celebrated the win with his crew. And based on what they posted online, their party very much looked like it was six years in the making.

The beer was certainly flowing and when the party got back to Bowyer’s barn, things were literally lit with the pit crew.

Brett Griffin, Clint Bowyer’s spotter, is referring to Austin Dillon and his team winning this year’s Daytona 500 and celebrated by getting tattoos on their rear ends. Yeah, Bowyer’s crew didn’t get tattoos but breathing fire is no joke either. They also rode mechanical horses and were, in the words of Cal Naughton Jr., “gettin’ hammered drunk.”

Crew Chief Mike Bugarewicz was already feeling it last night and probably more than just his liver is hurting this morning.

All in all, it looked like some great fun and Bowyer’s team was probably fortunate there isn’t a race this weekend. Because that would have been one rough turnaround to win on Monday, celebrate and have to get the car ready for the next race.

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