Bubba Wallace has been at the forefront of the NASCAR discussion over the past month and that’s largely due to his speaking out against racial inequality as the only Black NASCAR Cup Series driver. While this wasn’t the reason he spoke up against racial inequality, Wallace has reportedly been someone of interest by potentially new sponsors due to what he’s standing up for.

After President Donald Trump tweeted earlier in the morning that a noose found in Wallace’s garage was “another HOAX” and that the “hoax” and NASCAR’s decision to ban the Confederate flag caused the “lowest ratings EVER” (both claims are incorrect), Wallace posted a statement preaching love even if some people decide to hate. Seeing the news, Beats by Dre decided to move up their upcoming announcement that they will be sponsoring Wallace. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see a “Beats by Dre” car later this year but they will be affiliated with the Richard Petty Motorsports driver.

While this is a new sponsor, Beats by Dre has a practical meaning to Wallace’s life that this isn’t just any endorsement. Wallace plays the drums as a hobby so he’ll have some nice headphones to wear while he’s playing the drums.

While Wallace is becoming more and more of a presence off the track, he has also improved his performance on the track, especially amid some rather stressful times. Finishing 28th in points in his first two Cup seasons, Wallace is currently 19th in 2020 and has nearly doubled his career total top 10 finishes in just his first 16 races this season.

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