It was an early end for Bubba Wallace at Bristol as he was crashed by Michael McDowell in Stage 1 of the All-Star Open.

Fighting for third place, Wallace nudged McDowell in the turn to not spin him but get him a bit loose to possibly pass him. McDowell didn’t appreciate that and paid Wallace back, essentially hooking him on the rear end in the straightaway and turning him into the wall.

William Byron, who was behind the two, told his team over the radio that McDowell “just turned left on the straightaway.” Wallace was okay but he was understandably upset at McDowell, calling him “a joke.”

The All-Star Race has a bit of a unique mentality when it comes to how you race. With no points on the line and $1 million to the winner of the main event, and mix in the fact they’re racing at Bristol, there’s going to be more aggressive driving throughout the night.

McDowell had a reason to be upset but probably took things too far given Wallace gave him room and the ability to keep control of his car. At the same time, given Wallace had the car to advance in another stage as well as being a runaway favorite to advance via the Fan Vote, Wallace could’ve been a bit more patient to keep his car in one piece for the race that actually paid.

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