The sneaker industry has changed in so many ways over the last few decades. Now, sneakerheads are saying goodbye to Eastbay, a sports gear catalog company that revolutionized the way so many young sports fans learned about and purchased the latest sneakers in the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond.

Eastbay will shut down and close its doors by the end of the year, and it’s tough news for those nostalgic for the days when people found their kicks in the pages of a catalog.

Founded in Wisconsin in 1980 by Art Juedes and Rick Gering, Eastbay began as a mobile “shoe clinic” that would travel locally. They also opened one brick-and-mortar store. Eventually, it gained fame and success as a mail-order retailer, which went public in 1995 and was sold to F. W. Woolworth Company, which became Foot Locker, in 1997.

Sadly, there will be around 210 layoffs when Eastbay officially shuts down.

“RIP Eastbay. Immeasurable impact on the culture, long before the culture was defined. I’ll never forget this page,” said Rich Lopez.

“Just learning about Eastbay shutting down in 2023. Hate to hear it. This magazine was my wish book in the 90s,” Twitter user Owen said.


Eastbay will be closing at the end of this month,” said Barstool Sports. “Iconic memories.”

“Eastbay held us down, man. circling sneakers you probably weren’t ordering, but you still did it for the love. showing the homies the new heat when you got to school or on the block,” said R&B Mari. “Shoes never looked cooler than they did on those pages.”

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