A man runs a marathon while dribbling a basketball As if running a marathon isn’t hard enough, one man recently decided to run one while simultaneously dribbling a basketball.

Running a marathon is a challenging endeavor, even for the best runners in the world. It’s a 26.2-mile run, so, in addition to requiring great conditioning, it also demands great focus. It would be hard to imagine anyone doing anything else while running a marathon.

Hard, but not impossible.

One man decided to combine two sports. While running a marathon, he dribbled a basketball.

We recently saw a runner “complete” a marathon while driving a car for much of it. And while not as impressive as smoking a cigarette while running a marathon, it’s far less destructive.

Basketball fans were impressed by simultaneous the dual-sport athlete.

There are some potential advantages to be had here.

One is that it’s a good way to pace yourself, which is quite important on a 26.2-mile run. Two is that it does allow you to focus on something other than the pain accumulating through the body. And anyone who’s ever run a marathon or even just seen a runner at the end of one knows, that’s immense.

That said, when running a marathon normally, one of the body parts that gets a comparatively little amount of pain is the arms. That goes out the window here.


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