Chelsea have had a pretty bad week overall, as news came they’re facing a two-year ban from adding players. Today, they at least had a shot at a trophy, taking on Manchester City in the finals of the Carabao Cup.

In perhaps typical cup final fashion, the match was scoreless and about to head to penalties. That’s dramatic enough, but things got even more interesting when Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa was about to be substituted off, because Kepa had other ideas.

That’s essentially the soccer equivalent of a starting pitcher attempting to convince a manager that he shouldn’t be taken out of a game during a mound visit, except it never happens in soccer. But unlike baseball, this somehow ended up with the player getting his way. Then the shootout started, and Kepa rewarded Kepa’s faith in Kepa by making save attempts like this:

Kepa mistake on Aguero penalty from r/soccer

Welp. Chelsea ended up losing 4-3, and Vincent Kompany, among others, noted that his potential replacement’s penalty saving skill was missed:

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri is probably on his way out, and this may have hastened his departure.

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