Christian Pulisic’s 2017-18 season has been rather difficult. Yes, his international woes of missing the World Cup are well known but it’s not like things are rosy at his club team Borussia Dortmund.

But despite the issues Dortmund has had this season, Pulisic has matched his Bundesliga goal scoring total from last season and did so in brilliant fashion in their 3-0 victory against Stuttgart.

Was it a shot or was it a cross? I doubt Pulisic cared because it was a goal either way.

Pulisic had had three Dortmund managers over the past 12 months and when you’re a 19-year-old, that kind of rapid change can cause some liabilities with player development. But while it appears on the surface that Dortmund is in the toilet, they are well on their way to another Champions League berth and Pulisic has matched his Bundesliga goal total in three fewer matches.

Whether he remains in Germany or heads to England as it’s rumored, Christian Pulisic remains chugging along and getting better every day.

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