Denmark and Peru have played a very entertaining game today, with tension building for the first hour or so when it was tied 0-0.

So when Denmark broke free and scored, it was a moment worthy of FS1 broadcaster Jorge Perez-Navarro’s most excited call, and Perez-Navarro definitely delivered:

That, friends, is wonderful. And it makes sense, too; “Danish Dynamite” is one of the Denmark national team’s nicknames. Great call.

He’s had a few similarly excited moments today, too, including this ill-fated penalty attempt for Peru:

And then there was a Cool Runnings reference:

There’s just something so delightful about Perez-Navarro’s energy; it’s a welcome presence for the World Cup so far. As for the match itself, Denmark hung on despite multiple close calls for Peru to take a 1-0 victory and tie France atop Group C.

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