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This week, an Italian soccer club received white a terrifying package in the mail that has the soccer world buzzing over the weekend.

This week, a mysterious package from an unknown sender was delivered to the club headquarters of Sampdoria, a club in Italy’s Serie A. In the box was a severed pig head and a note addressed to former club president Massimo Ferrero and current club vice president Antonio Rome that read “the next heads will be yours,” according to Fox News.

It’s an absolutely terrifying situation and a very clear threat. The team addressed the ordeal in a statement this week.

“UC Sampdoria expresses profound outrage and indignation in the face of yet another serious act of intimidation that took place this morning at the company headquarters in Piazza Borgo Pila,” the team wrote in a statement on Saturday, according to Fox News. “The company underlines that any type of attack on a member of the Board of Directors represents an attack on all its members, on their work and on the seriousness and abnegation with which they have approached this important position.”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the club has received a threatening package this year. Back in January a blank bullet was delivered to the Sampdoria club offices along with threats targeting Ferrero and former club owner Edoardo Garrone.

It’s safe to say someone has taken their fandom a little too far.

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