Photo: @MLS4theLou

The 29th MLS team had their name and crest announcement and in a virtual reveal, St. Louis announced they are naming their team “St. Louis City SC.” In addition, St. Louis City SC rolled out a red and blue crest, which is not only a nod to the city flag but the red primary color somewhat reminds one of the Cardinals, which the baseball team is well established in St. Louis.

Reaction to the name and crest is going to rest in the eye of the beholder. Like many new (or rebranded) MLS teams over the past decade, it’s another team that is using the city name (adding City to the name) and then either FC or SC but St. Louis City SC is a safe approach that does the job. This comes a few weeks after Charlotte revealed their team name as “Charlotte FC” so people who wanted something more unique are going to hate the name. But as it has been noted, maybe the vitriol toward anything new and unique keeps teams in a box to make the safest decision, considering they are hoping to keep this name for future generations.

St. Louis City SC sounds and writes like a handful so maybe there will be a shorthand version of the team name. The team is set to play in 2023, and will be playing in a brand new 22,500 seat stadium located downtown.

[Photo: @MLS4theLou]

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