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Cheating accusations emerged at the World Series of Poker this weekend that has plenty of the sports world buzzing.

Poker player Dan Smith had folded during the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl. Before he left the table, Smith fired directly at Martin Kabrhel. Dissatisfied with his “antics,” he told him they were the “worst” he’d ever seen but still complimented the other players at the table. Those antics were spotlighted by Smith and then several others later as the poker player’s cheating history was spotlighted.

The accusation created immediate iciness between Smith and Kabrhel. Kabrhel basically acted like nothing was wrong and said Smith had to have been talking about somebody else as he left the table.

But history didn’t seem to be on Kabrhel’s side. Several took to Twitter to point out that he has built up a poor reputation.

“Dan is 100% right,” Hayley Hanna said. “Martin should be banned. He has a history of repeatedly marking cards to try and cheat and everyone in the high roller community knows it.”

“I’m not the biggest Dan Smith fan after he went after Jason Koon for no reason, but he’s 100% right here this Martin Kabrhel is a wacko,” another fan said.

Another user said there was “no way” he’d ever win a bracelet now.

Finally, “I realize this guy is a dirtbag, but ‘somebody must be worse’ is kind of hilarious,” said one user.


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