Little League Injury

Getting hit with a baseball hurts no matter where it strikes, but a fastball to the head is particularly painful and dangerous to any batter. That’s what makes the actions of one particular Little League player so touching.

During Tuesday afternoon’s Southwest Regional Championship on Tuesday, a Texas East pitcher Bubs Shelton accidentally lost control of a pitch and threw the ball directly at the head of the Oklahoma batter Isaiah Jarvis.

The hitter was unable to get out of the way before the ball reached him, hitting Jarvis’ helmet just underneath the visor and knocking it off of his head.

After briefly falling to the ground, Jarvis was ultimately uninjured. The pitcher, however, was quite shaken up emotionally. Thankfully, Jarvis noticed and went over to console Shelton.

“Hey, you’re doing just great,” Jarvis can be heard telling Shelton in the video.

Jarvis showed great sportsmanship towards a competitor, even after Shelton just struck him with a pitch and he was likely still hurting.

The winner of Monday’s game wins the Southwest Regional title and advances to the 2022 Little League World Series, which will take place from Aug. 17-28 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

But to many, the result of the game is unimportant after seeing this stunning display of sportsmanship.