John Deere Tractor Credit: TikTok

The world was gripped on Tuesday by a police chase that involved a John Deere tractor.

Down in Boone, North Carolina, police were dispatched and pursued the John Deere tractor in the area of Highway 421. According to Watauga Online, “The chase began in Boone during the 9 am hour, in the area o Highway 421 in the city limits.

“The tractor driver reportedly hit at least two vehicles and pushed a dumpster into a church building, according to scanner dispatches at the time.”

Spike strips were installed on the highway and after the tractor drove over them, police shot out the tractor’s back right tire. But the story doesn’t end there.

“At that point, the driver then turned around in a yard, rammed an LEO car, and then proceeded back onto old 421, then turned onto Elk Creek Road,” the article wrote. “Law enforcement noted at the time that sparks from the flat tires were causing damage to the roadway and the tractor was still traveling in the middle of the road.”

Later, “The tractor driver fled on foot and was caught in the 4600 block of Elk Creek Road, according to scanner dispatches at the time.”

A hilariously ridiculous video of the chase was provided on Twitter, by way of TikTok user @mr.dangerousone.

Said video led to some hilarious reactions.

“I’m really surprised this wasn’t Northern Michigan,” wrote Angie McCullagh.

“When AMB and Bojangles collab on a sweet tea booze,” tweeted Front Rowe Joe.

“Amazing. True rural action. This will go down in town history,” wrote Flannery.

“For too long those driving tractors have thought they were above the law…,” tweeted SeenRockCity.

Chick Jacobs tweeted, “I assume tractor guy was swerving to warm up the tires — ala NASCAR during a yellow flag?”

“Dudes rock,” wrote Jack.

Nathan Deal tweeted, “Everyone’s done this on GTA V but man the cojones it takes to actually try this for real…”

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