Falls Count Anywhere Roxanne Perez and Kiana James laid it all on the line on Tuesday night, and will do battle inside a Steel Cage Saturday night. Credit: WWE on YouTube

The Comeback’s ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ is back for more! It’s Volume 4, and we’re gonna get right to it: 

Roxanne Perez and Kiana James will settle differences in a cage

It’s probably rare that we’ll start talking with NXT, but let’s divert from the norm. Let’s put the spotlight on their women’s division and a very fun nontitle feud going on.

Roxanne Perez, dubbed ‘The Prodigy’ by many, will be wrestling Kiana James at this weekend’s ‘Deadline’ premium live event. Perez and James won’t wrestle for a championship, but they’ll instead wage a fight inside a steel cage.

It’s always fun when these things happen, especially for the women. Both Perez and James have given it their all in this feud. They’ve participated in several backstage brawls and filmed a brawl at the Performance Center. You’ll sometimes see fans crave this type of thing, as an open-world environment can only help and not hinder.

So, shout-out to Perez and James for how they’ve performed here. For prospects, both have an apparent tenacity that will take them places in the future— no doubt about it.

A somber ‘See you later’ to Wes Lee

Wes Lee is one of the most exciting prospects in NXT. Unfortunately, his road to the main roster was severely impeded. Lee returned to NXT on Tuesday night and delivered a heartbreaking message to fans and viewers of the show.

Lee informed everyone that he will be out of action for a significant amount of time. Vic Joseph, NXT’s lead commentator, later revealed that he will require back surgery and is out for 8-12 months.

It’s disappointing and heartbreaking to see this play out for Lee, who’s done nothing but engage and perform spectacularly since Day 1.

We’re hopeful for a speedy, safe, and full recovery on the way for Wes Lee.

Tensions rise again in Damage CTRL

Smackdown was highlighted by Randy Orton’s return to the brand and his re-announced presence on Friday nights. But in other news, Damage CTRL showed more cracks.

The unit led off the show, notably without Bayley. They later clashed with some of the babyfaces, while Bayley wasn’t around.

As Bayley went to go assist Kairi Sane in her match with Bianca Belair, Women’s Champion IYO SKY barked at her to stay backstage. Bayley didn’t end up listening, and her presence at ringside didn’t help things. But they didn’t really hurt, either. Bayley tried to help Kairi over Bianca, but Sane was slow to get to the cover and lost the match.

It seems like things are coming to a nasty head. When that is, we aren’t so sure. But, it should surely result in something extremely consequential.

The Creed Brothers appear poised

On Monday night, Brutus and Julius Creed got into the ring with JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio of The Judgment Day. Not surprisingly, the Creeds looked great in a great showing for the fledgling tag team.

It’s unsurprising that plenty think there’s a lot on the horizon for these two, especially Julius. They’re on the verge of a major opportunity against main event talents Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

An extraordinary showing for them might really go a long way. They might turn out to be one of the biggest success stories from NXT 2.0 when all is done and dusted.

CM Punk returns to Smackdown this week

After almost a decade, CM Punk will return to the Smackdown brand this week.

On a special ‘Tribute to the Troops’ episode, live from Providence, Rhode Island, Punk will be one of the big attractions of the show. Justifiably so, as his return is one of the most well-regarded and acclaimed moments in recent WWE history.

So what could be on the horizon? Perhaps we see Punk reunite in the ring with Paul Heyman. Punk and Heyman go back a ways, and if we’re lucky, perhaps it’ll be the start of something bigger with a certain Tribal Chief.

Gunther Facts

If you combined Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and Mankind’s days as WWE Champions, it would fall short of Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship reign by 127 days.

The NXT spotlight goes to…

Fallon Henley! Henley won her way into the Iron Survivor match this weekend with a huge win on TV Tuesday night. Fallon has been a hard-working talent who hasn’t necessarily gotten the shine or exposure that her peers have gotten. Still, she’s produced really strong work in the tag scene and has recently emerged in a rivalry with top prospect Tiffany Stratton.

Henley has an opportunity to get an NXT Women’s Championship match if she wins on Saturday. That wouldn’t be the worst move at this point in the year. Lyra Valkyria is still early in her reign, where she can have a match against Henley, make her look good, and both can continue on their flight paths.

So, shout-out to Fallon, who will hopefully get more chances to shine.

Let’s go to the mailbag!

We’ll do this bimonthly. Sounds good? Sounds good.

Should? I think WWE should aim to stay on cable television if broadcast television is completely out of the question. Given how Mondays are for TV, it probably is. So they should stay somewhere on cable. Whether that’s USA Network or FX is for them to decide.

I don’t like the idea of them going to Amazon. I know it’s probably inevitable for everything. However, WWE already has a streamer in Peacock. If WWE was going to stream Monday Night Raw, they should probably just do it with their current streaming partner. That would just lead to iciness and tensions.

Will? Probably to cable. Ad revenue for a three-hour show is a lot to forgo, so remaining on cable will be likely. If you made me choose? If they came out and said they’d keep their ducks in a row and stayed on USA I would be absolutely not stunned.

Warner Bros. Discovery is definitely the funniest outcome, but I don’t think that happens.

Bash at the Beach is the easiest one they could go with, and would work in a Florida setting too if they took it on the road. If we’re talking WWE shows, seeing Fully Loaded back would be neat.

So, for me, it absolutely is not something I can just say is universal. Every story begets a different length. I’m cool with long matches and I’m cool with short matches. Sometimes, I feel like the only issues I ever have are that matches I “think” should go long go short, and vice versa.

So it’s wholly dependent on the story, setting, and situation. Not something I can just give a length too. For me, I watch for the stories. Not just for the athleticism and in-ring.


They sure seem to be scheming against Bayley. She’s certainly earned her fair share of criticism with her actions, constantly putting them in precarious situations, and the lot. But don’t be shady! Be upfront!

(Tongue in cheek of course)

2-for-1 special! I think with this new TV deal, you might see them opt for a more livelier setting and that would involve a road trip. I do understand why it happens and why it is the way it is. But it does feel like different crowds would really help the guys and gals of the brand. Different audiences will respond differently to the acts. That can tell you what’s working a lot more than just showing up in front of the same people, who notoriously flip-flop. So if they were to do this, I’d endorse it. I’m still endorsing it either way, but if they opted for it, I’m all ears on it.

The easy answers to this question, to me, are Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm. Storm’s departure from the company in 2021 was largely unfortunately and, to me, incredibly avoidable. But there were more fumbles in that year than they could contain. It sucked, and in an ideal world, a mulligan would be provided. But, the game is the game, and so it goes.

Hayter, though, feels like a case where she deserves and has earned a bigger presentation. A problem during her title reign, even while I’m not the most frequent watcher, was her apparent lack of promo time. How in the world can you give someone a championship for over 180 days but not trust them to deliver a simple in-ring promo? It’s things like that that make this perceived ‘battle’ between the company’s women’s divisions seem farcical sometimes.

One outside-the-box choice? Anna Jay.

So, I’m honestly more conservative on this issue than progressive. Which might be surprising, but here’s my rationale.

To me, this only really works with a more expanded roster. I think WWE’s women’s rosters on the main roster have swelled up over the past year. I think that’s a net positive for everybody involved, especially when Raw has had some shows with 25+ women appearing on it.

I totally get the want and desire for one. I rock with it heavily. Becky Lynch is a great pro wrestler. Becky Lynch is also a great salesperson, and the two are closer to being the same sentence than not. It worked really well, and it also worked really well because it was Becky. I think the division needs to expand and that there needs to be an acceptance, across the board, that things will have to function a certain way. There will be hierarchies, there might be hurt feelings, but there has to be that buy-in. If there isn’t it stands no shot.

That goes for the fans also. There has to be a buy-in that there will always be lean moments. It took a long time for the Intercontinental Championship to regain its prestige. The United States Championship is still kinda lagging behind. You have to be careful when you add another title to the universe.

But I know they’d freaking smoke it anyways, my reservations aside.

I imagine someday there will be. If it were me? I’d crown a new champion whenever the next Evolution show is. And it should go to someone well-established to help put it on the map.

(That’s another thing. Folks: Please push the button.)

That’ll do it this week! We’ll have a Deadline prediction post coming your way this weekend as well.

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