When The Undertaker matches up with Roman Reigns this Sunday at WrestleMania, the Deadman has a chance to do something no other professional wrestler has ever done.

This stat really went under the radar but according to Wrestling Data, The Undertaker has a record of 99-66-5 during Pay-Per-View matches ever since he debuted at Survivor Series 1990. If he defeats Reigns, The Undertaker will win his 100th PPV match.

I have to be honest, I never knew The Undertaker was even close to a chance at winning 100 PPV matches before reading that. I’m sure WWE didn’t either because I don’t believe there has been any mention of this and you would think this would be a big deal to market (as if an Undertaker WrestleMania match needs marketing).

WWE may also want to keep that detail under wraps because if Roman Reigns defeats The Undertaker, it would not help Reigns’ “face” status by not only being the second man to defeat the beloved wrestler but also deprive him of reaching 100 PPV wins. Especially when this could realistically be The Undertaker’s final match.

In case you’re curious, the top 10 in PPV wins is John Cena (88), Triple H (86), Kane (70), Randy Orton (62), Edge (61), Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Big Show (52) and The Rock (42).

You can go down a rabbit hole with these stats. For instance, if you want to be depressed today, Kofi Kingston (36) has more PPV wins than Hulk Hogan (28), Randy Savage (23) and Ric Flair (22). Granted, there weren’t as many PPV’s back in their heydays than now and they all had sizable tenures in WCW (which doesn’t apply to these numbers) but it’s still pretty jarring that someone from The New Day has more wins than three people you could put on a Mount Rushmore of the best professional wrestlers ever. Speaking of Flair, Ric’s daughter Charlotte would get her 19th PPV win if she wins the Raw Women’s Championship so she will likely pass her father within the year.

Also, it should be shocking to see, Hulk Hogan only has a 28-13-1 record which I find that hard to believe. Yes, Hulk lost a few times at WrestleMania but you would think the person who was the face of WWE at a time where he held the championship for multiple years straight and could go undefeated for over a year having that kind of record.

But getting back to The Undertaker. It would seem like a terrible tease, at least from those really into the industry, that The Undertaker lost on Sunday and ended his career on 99 wins. There’s no indication that The Undertaker is retiring but we’re getting to the point where we’ve been thinking the next match would be Taker’s last for at least the past five or so years. You would think WWE would have The Undertaker win but he is going against Roman Reigns so…yeah Reigns will probably win and get even more heat from fans.

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