A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant shared his story about going to a WWE show instead of homecoming A young “Wheel of Fortune” contestant earned fans after shared a hilarious story about skipping homecoming for a WWE event.

A WWE show or homecoming? One young fan, who was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune recently faced this dilemma. Only, it didn’t sound as though he had any problem making the decision.

During the interview portion, host Pat Sajak said that the contestant, Forrest, was “a young man who skipped homecoming to go to a WWE event.”

Forrest then explained his decision. In the process of talking about going to the show, he also threw some shade at WWE for his unnamed favorite wrestler not being at the show — despite being advertised.

“That is true. Guilty as charged. Yeah, I had the chance to go to my freshman homecoming or a WWE event that was coming into town. So I went with my best friend. Cameron Forrest. Shout out to Cam. What’s up? Yeah. And we had a great time. Even though, unfortunately, my favorite wrestler wasn’t there — even though he was advertised to be there, but it’s OK.”

The young fan’s decision was met with overwhelming praise.

“Only real ones understand being the big man on campus the next day at school when everybody finds out you went to a live show,” one fan tweeted.

Other fans were similarly impressed. There were also multiple calls on WWE and the powers that be in the organization to get Forrest tickets to Wrestlemania.

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